A gut-based and emotionally honest guide to building a workplace culture.


The Lab is not an authority on work culture. We've had dark ages with high turnovers and golden ages of great productivity and positivity. People who leave after weeks. Others who just won't leave. We've hired selfish, lazy assholes. We've had superstars who are now partners. Some ex-staff have remained close friends and some have unfollowed us on Instagram. Yet, what we've learned in the last 5 years is what everyone eventually learns: life isn't perfect, love isn't an excuse, and all you can do is try your best and learn from your shit.

Through it all, I'm proud that we have people who've been with us since Day 1. People who come back after working elsewhere. 5 marriages. 6 children (last count) born to our staff. When the decision is between $180,000 (to use a real example from a few years ago) or our team's wellbeing, the choice is always the latter.

Today, I believe we're one of the most imperfect examples of an authentic company culture build on trust, freedom, and care.

These guys weren't even working at The Lab anymore when this picture was taken.

These guys weren't even working at The Lab anymore when this picture was taken.



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Tuan Le, Creative Director/Partner, The Lab