The Lab's worksheet to getting the most out of your creative partners. As much as you can provide.

A creative brief should contain information and inspiration.


  1. What is the background/context of this project?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is(are) your business objective(s)?
  4. What is your strategy to achieve it?
  5. What is the problem you want us to solve?
  6. Who are the stakeholders in this project?
  7. Who are your peers and competitions?
  8. A link to all your project assets and documents (logos, photos, literature, files, drawings)
  9. What is your production budget?
  10. Timelines! (Feel free to have buffers)
  11. A simple to do list (with room for suggestions).


  1. Why did you really want to do this project?
  2. How do you think this will affect the culture of your company or culture at large?
  3. What was your inspiration?